It was so much fun looking back at 2020, I am hoping you will enjoy 2019 just as much. There were fewer new squarers discovering us in 2019, but still a fabulous 22% came back at the beginning of this year. Hopefully today’s post might encourage a few more to return in April. Before I list all the blogs though, how about another teaser. How many squares do you remember, and can you identify the theme?

How did you get on with identifying the three themes? Did you remember we had horizontal, diagonal, wavy and intersecting lines in October, the summer and winter blues in July and back in March 2019 we were all feeling a bit spiky. If you have time this week why not have a peek back through some of the archives as here are all the squarers whom I think first joined us in 2019 and who I have been able to track down today.

I also thought you might appreciate a reminder of the theme for next month – it is bright. I can’t wait to see what phrases and synonyms you are going to square. Remember though whatever you decide to do, there is a rule you must follow to be part of the Square Gang.

Your main photograph must be Square!

PS if anyone has arrived here via Cee’s CMMC link, welcome! I will explain more on the 31st but can confirm I will be hosting on the fifth Wednesday and we will be looking for Bright Rectangles. Yup it isn’t April so you can get away with not squaring on that Wednesday!

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  1. Yes, I recognised this theme immediately – spiky. You said it was inspired by me but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was I said. πŸ™‚ I also went looking to see when I first joined, not sure about that either. I know it’s been fun taking part. I’m definitely way ahead this time on getting organised.

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    1. Next week i think I will link to one of your very first Squares πŸ™‚

      and yes you did. It was in a comment on the previous theme, but like you I cannot exactly remember what!

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  2. I always thought WordPress was a small world because I come across the same people everywhere – and yet I know hardly anyone on your list! I must live in a very small cog of the wheel.


  3. I was looking at some of my previous squares just the other day. I loved the blue challenge which I themed on Cornwall. But I know I was a much earlier Squarer going all the way back to those floral and sky squares. Amazing how many people have joined you since then!

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  4. I actually know most of the people on your list. A few I haven’t seen for awhile. And yes, I could mostly identify the topics. It helped when scrolling through your photos where named πŸ˜€

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  5. Thanks for the mention Becky. I see several blogging pals here, several names I recognise, and now some more to get acquainted with… so much to do, so little time …. πŸ˜‰

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