Are you Square?

The very first Square Challenge was with flowers in September 2017, Last floral shot of the dayfollowed as many of you will remember in December by Square Sky.  In both cases there was only one rule – your main photograph had to be square in shape. A rule everyone seemed to like, as it became soon became clear square photography is addictive! So I guess it was not surprising that early in 2018 I found myself pondering! Should we attempt it a third time, but if we did what on earth was the theme going to be, and more importantly which month should we try and more?!

Well it didn’t take me long to decide the latter. The sun has setOur first two Squares had taken place three months apart, we had a pattern. I was hosting a quarterly photo challenge, which means in 2018 you should be prepared to go square in:

  • March
  • June
  • September
  • December

The theme for March 2018 was not so easy to decide, but we did get there in the end with a double theme of multiple squares and circles! And in was a great success. So much so that this page was created following #MarchSquares, and updated after an even more extraordinary response to the fourth challenge. The theme in June 2018 was RoofSquares and whilst buildings dominated, there were ruins, cars, paintings, hats, boats and trains.

Lisbon roofs in tilesI have already decided what is happening in September, and I have also made my mind up about December. And a big thank you to Jude and Brian for this suggestions, they have certainly inspired.

I will let you know the theme a week or so before the start of each quarter. Exact timings for confirmation tend to depend on how busy I am the month before (and as many of you know 2018 has been impossibly busy) and also how difficult I think the challenge might be!

IronbridgeI post a Square shaped photograph daily, however you don’t have to. You can join in daily for the whole month, post 30 all in one go at the end of the month or pop in and out. Whatever suits you, your blog and your circumstances. The only rule is that your photograph must be square in shape!

One last thing I aim to visit every pingback and at least once during the month I will share a selection of my favourite pingbacks. So it really really helps me if you pingback to one of the posts rather than the home page or this page. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, and if you want to have at a look at some of the current or all of the past entries click here.