Are you Square?

Warning this is very addictive!

The Challenge: 

Can you post a daily square for four months of every year?

I do and amazing so can quite a few others, however you don’t actually have to! Gold Hill, ShaftesburyIf you prefer you can post all 30 in one go at the end of the month, join us weekly or pop in and out. Whatever suits you, your blog and your circumstances. The only rule that you must follow is that your photograph must be square in shape!

The months we have been going square were March, June, September and December, and there is a different theme every month. The theme is confirmed on this blog a few weeks in advance.


Squares for June 2019 has been postponed to July

September will be taking place in October.


The very first Square Challenge opened with flowers in September 2017, and it was followed in December by Square SkyAlgarvian sunriseAnd it soon became clear square photography is addictive! So I guess it was not surprising that early in 2018 I decided to make it a regular feature, and we have had a fabulous square time ever since!

In 2018 we began with a double theme of multiple squares and circles for March. In June the theme was RoofSquares and whilst buildings dominated, there were also ruins, cars, paintings, hats, boats and trains. Then in September 2018 thanks to the theme #inthepink the challenge really took off with more than sixty participants, most of whom posted daily.  I never knew there was so much pink in the world, but it wasn’t just about the colour pink, check out this amazing collation. And we finished the year in time, but there were not just clocks and sunsets as you can see from this amazing collation.

The world felt rather spiky at the beginning of 2019, and so that’s what we ended up with in March 2019. It was quite a challenge but everyone did brilliantly. Can’t wait to see how the rest of the year’s squares go!

One last thing:

I have set it up so pingbacks must be approved, which means occasionally there can be a small delay in your link appearing. In the PinkI aim to visit every pingback/link and at least once during the month I will share a selection of my favourite pingbacks. If you want to be included in the square gallery please make sure you pingback to one of the posts rather than the home page or this page as otherwise I’ve discovered they can be lost.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, and if you want to have at a look at current or past entries click here.