Our theme for April Squares isn’t as difficult as my two previous hints might have been suggesting. Here’s my third hint – can you guess from this one?

Still confused? Here’s a reminder of my two February hints. There’s a connection between them and my square above, and it isn’t just the colour blue! The theme is a great word which appears in some fabulous phrases as well as having lots of creative synonyms. Keep scrolling to find out more.

I am sure many of you will be up bright and early as I was in my first hint and I am hoping everyone will be able to put a smile on our faces and look on the bright side of life as I did in my second. Or maybe April will be the month when you indulge us with a month of bright and colourful squares. As you can see there is so much we can do with the theme of bright!

Hopefully today’s post will inspire plenty of bright ideas. I will probably share more bright synonyms and phrases before my opening square on the 1st April, as I really want you all to join me again. January was such fun!

As always during a square month I will share squares daily. If daily sounds daunting, don’t worry. It is okay to join us weekly or even just pop in occasionally with your squares. The frequency of your squares depends on you and your blog. The only absolute rule for joining in from 1st April is that your photograph must be bright and square!