Now that I have announced April’s theme I thought it might be fun to look back at some of the previous themes, and to wave at everyone who has joined us to date. I am going to begin with last year when our focus was on being kind, putting things into perspective, encouraging everyone to come out on top and bringing light into our lives.

Here’s a teaser for you, can you remember which of the following are from which theme? There are two from each theme, and I must admit there are one or two which would have me stumped if I hadn’t seen their file names. Once you have had a guess you can see how many you have right by clicking on the gallery to check out the file names.

Today’s header is from last year’s most popular square post ‘Of Its Kind‘. I suspect that was because it was one of the gallery posts. I do love creating the galleries as there are always a square or two I have missed, and others which are lovely to return to.

There were 41 brand new squarers last year, of which 39% were still squaring in January 2021. If you have a few moments this week do pop along and say hello to our 2020 cohort. I have listed 34 of them (five I couldn’t find and a couple it turned out that their squares were still not square!). You will see I have mostly linked to 2020 squares but occasionally I have connected with new.

Not only do I hope you will be able to visit one or two but I am also hoping many of those listed will join us this April. I will be back before then with my 2019, 2018 and 2017 retrospectives, but for now I hope you don’t mind but I am going to finish with a plea. If you don’t already have an archives pull down and/or search function on your blog please consider adding one this month. It really does make a difference for visitors to your blogs!

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  1. You put so much time into squares, Becky and we all appreciate it. I have both an archives list and a search function and I don’t know whether my readers and visitors ever use them, but I do all the time when I want to check on a previous post or link to one. It’s very handy.

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    1. I do as well. I use my search to find a post in case I want to put a link to a new post that may pertain to it. I also have the archives is I can remember about when I wrote something. Those are great tools. 🙂

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      1. Okay, let’s brainstorm how to do that. Maybe we get Marsha involved. She is good at putting those kinds of posts together. Maybe that’s when we can zoom together and hash it out. Then we can reblog it. I’ll run it by her. 🙂

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  2. Love this and you go girl!! I am new to Squares and just Love all your dedication and all that you do. Very inspiring!! ❤️ I’ll check my blog sight for that search… I’m not very techy so I’m hoping it’s already there! Lol 🤣
    Have a WONDERFUL day!! ❤️ Diana

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