As we are in the middle of the Easter weekend I thought an ecclesiastical tile mural might be appropriate. Happy Easter and Happy Six Word Saturday everyone!

ecclesiastical tiles

It has been such fun the past thirty one days. Thank you again to everyone who has joined us whether for a day, a few days or for the whole month. It has been an absolute pleasure visiting you all, and a delight that so many people were and still are discovering circles and squares everywhere. Thank you also to everyone who took the time to leave a comment and to visit other squares. I am a very happy March Hare and hope you are all too.

Our next Square Photo Challenge takes place in June 2018 but I will be sharing another square round up next week. Partly because I’m worried you might all be suffering square withdrawal symptoms but also because there have been some extraordinary entries over the past 48hrs including a few from some brand new participants. Can’t wait to show you.

I am a March Hare

In the meantime congratulations once more to everyone who has joined me daily or almost daily over the past 31 days, you are all amazing and inspirational March Hares! I would have loved to have sent you all some chocolate or at least a slice of a rather amazing Algarvian cake. In fact I even mentioned it to Elaine, Jude and Jo yesterday! Unfortunately though I am not able to manage the chocolate or cake deliveries, so I’m hoping this little badge will do instead! If you like badges feel free to download it (simply right click and save image) and display it on your blog. Be proud to be a March Hare!
PS If anyone is looking for things to do this weekend why not pop across to #PastMeetsPresent! It is another photo challenge I host on this site, and just so happens to be taking place tomorrow.

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  1. What Debbie said!
    Yes, well done you for a very interesting month. I ❤ ed the September flowers (well, I would, wouldn't I), had huge fun with the December skies especially as I added an extra challenge in only using Cornish skies, and have thoroughly enjoyed sorting through the archives for squares and circles, finding far more than I would have thought possible. It has been nice to meet new and old blogger friends who joined in and what an imaginative bunch of photographers there are out there.

    Thank you Becky – now put your feet up for a while and enjoy a glass of something nice. I know I will!!

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    1. You’ll be pleased to know I’m drinking a lovely glass of bubbly in the sunshine as I catch up on this afternoon’s comments. Thank you again so much x

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    1. Thank you Ron. So glad you have been cheering us all on from the sides. I have found it really encouraging to see how many views there have been each day 😊


    1. If only I could remember which set of archives this came out of! I must work on my filing discipline.

      Hope there are glimmers of sunshine appearing for you today. We had a fabulous morning at market, now awaiting our guests for our traditional afternoon tea. We have cake 😁

      Have a lovely Easter too x


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