NEWSFLASH – This monthly challenge is currently on hold  as I am juggling too much at the moment. I hope it will be able to re-emerge in spring 2019.

This 1st of the month challenge began life in the summer of 2016 on my Portuguese blog but since January 2018 its home has been here. I hope you will join me occasionally. The rules remain as they were on the 1st of the month;

  1. Post at least two pictures.
    • The first must have been taken by you
    • The second needs to be of the same view (or similar) as the first but taken days, weeks or years before. This one doesn’t have to be taken by you, so it can be of a postcard, a picture in a book or a painting. If it isn’t your photo I do recommend checking you haven’t infringed copyright and remember to reference it!
  2. Use the tag #pastmeetspresent and link back to mine 🙂

For examples of previous #pastmeetspresent check out below