The final day of squares so I thought I’d finish with some sunshine, and a short circular walk. Whilst most of my walks these days are about getting me outdoors for an hour or two, and also about being kind to myself, occasionally I have an errand to run. Walking to get milk is a surprise new one, and has brought unexpected joy.

The Milk Stop

A self vending milk machine has appeared round the corner from me, and once a week I pop along to help myself to local milk. That’s my milk filling up in the centre of the square. Robert would have loved this; supporting a local farmer and returning to bottled milk.

Thank you to everyone who has joined me on a walk this month. It really isn’t easy living with the trauma of what happened in April nor is it easy to live well in a world that has irrevocably changed. Specially now most people are moving on with their lives. That is normal though and I wouldn’t expect or want them to do anything else. However it is tough as my grief and my love for Robert surrounds me 24/7. So the fact so many of you have joined me this month has meant everything. I am looking forward to seeing your final squares throughout the day, and hope you have time later for a proper catch up as I have a #WalkingSquares gallery planned.

Do stay in touch, do keep walking, and if you can, do buy local!

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  1. That’s so cool! We have a milk place like that but it’s about 40 kms away so don’t stop often. It just feels so much more environmentally friendly and sustainable when it comes from a farm near at hand.

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  2. Oh, Becky, I do hope Squares has provided you with comfort and distraction. It has helped me and for that I thank you 💜 (And about the milk vending machine – how delightful – just like a cold water vending machine.)

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