Walking Squares may be coming to an end today, but the memories of your walks are with me forever and also here in a Squares gallery. It is the only gallery this month so do hope you will be able to visit a few Squarers today, later this week or at the weekend. I have even found some music to accompany you as you walk around the gallery.

I thought I’d begin this walking adventure with Squarers who joined us just a few times or maybe even only once over the past four weeks.

If this is your first ever explore of a Square gallery, then I recommend you take a moment now to make yourself a large cup of cocoa or tea or coffee as there are quite a few rooms to visit. I know regulars will be well prepared, and may have cake too!

The road to Winchester

I struggled to produce this gallery, not so much because of the grief, although it was hard at times, but because my laptop was on go slow. At first I thought there must be football on and that everyone was streaming, but then the laptop crashed. Aargh!

By the way widow fog has meant I have not been up to maintaining my usual Squares log, so if you have spotted I have missed you out or missed another squarer, do let me know by leaving a pingback below so I can add you and/or them.

I do hope you are enjoying walking with your fellow squarers, and have been able to stroll with more than a couple of squarers. There is only one room left in this month’s gallery so if you can spare another five minutes to stroll with me.

Blogging is a great distraction, and although some days the computer has been a step too far for me in my widow fog it has mostly been good. As I said yesterday I am not sure when Squares will return, but today I am feeling more confident it will. See you soon!

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  1. I checked in earlier but didn’t get chance to linger as Mum is not well. Thanks for being such a great host, as always, and for managing to do a roundup. Our walks are a lot frostier at the moment!


  2. This picture I decided to be my last square walking. It is about two minutes from where I live. Come for coffee and some xmas cookies! I look forward to the next square challenge!


  3. Thank you Becky for the delightful gallery. I love seeing all the positiveness in these Squares. All the work and effort you put into this is much appreciated. The ways you are dealing with your sorrow is spreading much sunshine to all the rest of us.


  4. Finally got a chance to sit down and look through the gallery of November Squares. Such lovely walks to visit!
    Thanks for hosting another fabulous square month! Take care!

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  5. What an achievement Becky, I have dipped into a few and will look at more later. I have to admire the way you’ve put the squares into a narrative, so clever. 😊


  6. Great job with the gallery. I will try and get to it as soon as I can but things are super busy here with the eruption! Thanks again for all your efforts with Squares in these challenging times for you.

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  7. Well you’ve gone and done it lass. What an achievement. A month of squares and now one of your humdinger galleries. I have been looking at a few each day where links have been left, but I shall endeavour to visit at least one in each room over the weekend. Hands and arms rather painful at the moment – not sure if it is a computer issue – but it has been difficult to type and use the mouse this month (since my flu and covid jabs though I can’t see why they would have such an affect). It has been a pleasure to be in your company this month and I do hope as time goes by we will see you popping in from time to time. Enjoy your Christmas together with the family making new memories and sharing the old. Take care my friend. Until the next time
    Jude xx

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    1. oh Jude sorry to hear your hands and arms are playing up at the moment. Hope they are behaving themselves soon. I’ve got bursitis in my shoulder this week so can empathise – sending hugs

      and huge thanks for being a super squarer yet again. You have always been there for me over the past 5 years, and your support this month and since April has been much appreciated. One of these days we will meet in person xxx


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