Time is even weirder than usual for me. I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of November squares, and it is impossible to think it has been 34 weeks since the death of my amazing Robert. Some days it feels like only yesterday I found him dead, and other days it feels like he has been gone forever. I miss our life together and I miss creating a shared future. I miss his presence, his calmness, his smile and his voice. I can though still feel his love, and hope time never changes that.

The Itchen Valley

More life altering moments lie ahead in 2023, consequently I don’t yet know if squares will return. I hope it will as I love squaring, it is also a good distraction and you are all a great support. I will keep you posted on my square plans, and I will also keep walking. I hope you will keep walking too, and if you haven’t squared this month – there is still time! Find out more here on how to submit your #WalkingSquares.

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  1. Thank you so much for keeping the Squares alive, despite going through so much.
    Losing someone, who was closer to the heart more than anyone else, is a wound that certainly never heals but time provides some form of healing.
    I very much enjoyed #WalkingSquares and I will be keep on walking 🙂

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