My bereavement counsellor is encouraging me to get outdoors for a short walk every day through the autumn and winter months. Her advice is good for all of us, but some days for me just getting dressed is a huge undertaking. However I said I would try, and so far so good. Initially I didn’t do much more than her suggested fifteen minutes but then it occurred to me to start monitoring my steps. I set a goal of achieving at least 6000 steps a day outside. After a couple of days I realised that goal was way too scary some days, and I might fail. So I downloaded another walking app. This one sets me the goal of a ten minute brisk walk every day. I like this one as getting out for ten minutes doesn’t sound scary, and I have found that after achieving ten minutes brisk walking most days I can convince myself to do another ten minutes, and then another ten.

Consequently there have since been days when I have walked briskly for nearly two hours and done more than 12,000 steps outdoors. There are also days when I curl up on the sofa or even go back to bed with tea, chocolate and a film. Thanks to the apps though even on these extra tough days I manage a short stroll. On good days I can take photographs too, not yet ready to take my camera out but I am increasingly reaching for the phone. So for the next month I thought I would share with you some of my walks, and encourage you to join me with your own #WalkingSquares.

A regular haunt for my walks is Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

I cannot promise any galleries this month, but it is a goal of mine to create at least one so do use the themeโ€™s tag WalkingSquares to help me find you. Your photograph must be square and also don’t forget to include a pingback to my daily square posts in November. I am not expecting anyone to share a daily square though this time. I’ll be happy if you just join me weekly or simply pop in occasionally with your walks and comments. Your support will help me so much over the coming weeks.

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