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Lady Liberty would have really shone when she was being created in France, and probably also when she first arrived in New York. As it wasn’t until the beginning of the 20th century that her copper fully oxidised. Her torch however has always been brighter, and in the 1890s was even a lighthouse. Although not very successfully!

The reason her torch shines bright is partly because it isn’t the original (that is in her lobby) but mainly because it is coated in gold leaf enabling it to shine a little brighter.

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  1. Lady Liberty shinning bright. My family and I watched Jungle 2 Jungle, the other day. Mimi-Siku tries to bring her fire back to his chief 😄
    My contribution for today is a bright, magical short story

    So Many Missing Teeth!

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  2. A lovely image and one I haven’t seen in person though I did once promise my daughter a visit to New York on her 40th birthday. We haven’t quite made it yet. Might have to be her 50th if I am still around!

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      1. Mmm… dunno about that. I always end up ill after a flight and the thought of being stuck in a tin can for hours with strangers does not appeal. I assume you are thinking of Portugal? Which is a short flight so not too bad. Or you could drive there.

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    1. Thanks Cee – she is definitely worth seeing 🙂 and I was delighted to have found the song. Found it by accident when I was checking out the history of Lady Liberty


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