I would love to have a room like this in my house, not sure what I’d use it for but it feels so wonderfully light. I wouldn’t though want it to be where this one is located. It is beside the River Severn, which may lovely, but it regularly floods. Check out the small window openings at the bottom of each window. They are there to let the flood water out!

You can see the high water marks in two of the pictures. Can you see the line right at the top, that must have been a huge flood. The 2000 and 2020 floods were also incredibly high, but fortunately not at these levels. If they don’t seem that high visit my Ironbridge post to see photographs of the building (Museum of the Gorge) from the outside or the museum’s own post on the devastating 2020 floods.

If you haven’t already joined us for squares I would love it if you did the same. However if daily sounds too daunting even for the final few days, don’t worry. It is okay to join us just once or twice in this final week. All I ask is that your image has 4 equal sides, and that it reflects the theme of bright.

As many of you know I am away at the moment, but even when I cannot check in with every comment on the day it is left, I still love receiving comments as well as a pingbacks on my square posts. So if you have a moment do say hi, and I promise I will respond soon. Together, with the tag BrightSquare, we can support each other and be;

sparkling, polished, shining, clever, cheerful, colourful, astute, brilliant, sunny, glorious, translucent, distinct and clear

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  1. They just announced on the news that there have been so many flood this year that they are changing how insurance is set and who can get it … and of course, the price. We don’t have flood insurance. If we flood, we are in serious trouble.

    Love those windows!


    1. Yeah we had that problem in this country a few years ago, but then the government stepped in to force the insurers to provide insurance. it is not the best insurance but at least there is now cover for those who live in flood plains and near rivers


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