At the time I was frustrated by the sun’s bright reflections in the water, but today I realise they are just perfect for a bonus Bright Squares!

It is a bonus as it is time for our second gallery, I am so excited about sharing this one with you as so many squarers returned in our second week. In fact it might take you the rest of the week to visit everyone, so why not start today by catching up with brand new squarers and those we have not seen since 2019 or earlier!

By the way my apologies for not creating the gallery at the weekend, I had set aside time to create on Sunday morning. However I was distracted by the sunshine and spent a few hours in the garden, and then I was called over to support a neighbour. I am hoping though you will find a Monday gallery a great motivation for the rest of the week.

If this is your first time exploring a Squares Gallery, then I recommend making yourself a pot of tea or coffee, and then sitting back enjoying the chance to be inspired by some incredible squares and creativity.

I know there are quite a few rooms and squares to visit in this second gallery, even more than the first. So whilst it would be fabulous if you could visit everyone, I know that may not be possible. So why not instead aim to visit at least one or two squarers in every room.

I do hope everything one is okay at the moment, I know this year is already proving as challenging as last for many of us. I am hopeful though brighter times do lie ahead for us, and the last few days have certainly been bright thanks to all your squares.

I really appreciate how many of you are participating this month, and quite amazing how many of you are joining me daily. If you have not yet joined us as a squarer there is plenty of time, all I ask is that your photograph is square in shape!

Isn’t this an amazing second gallery, a total of eighty-four different brights to be inspired by. It has been such fun curating it this morning. I can’t wait to hear what you think, do leave a comment after you have visited the final room.

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