Originally I had planned this as a three of a kind, but then I noticed one of the objects was a bean slicer not a marmalade cutter, and so when I cropped I took out the bean slicer. You can still see it though in the header. When I first spied these in the museum in Castle Cary I thought they were mincers, but as I got closer I realised they were something completely different. I had heard of bean slicers but was rather bemused by the size of the one in the museum. As the one we have is a tiny cube and goes in the cutlery drawer.

Marmalade cutters, however, were a first for me. Paddington though probably has one of these Victorian gadgets in his cupboard!

If you want to join in the fun of squares this month and discover fabulous photographs and/or obscure objects then you are very welcome. The only rule you need to remember is that your photograph must be square in shape. The October theme is ‘kind‘, and the trick is not to overthink it this month as kinda anything goes. Here are a few ideas to get you started;

  • Something of the kind (similar to something or even a carbon copy)
  • Our imagination kindled (inspire us!)
  • Of its kind (a unique object or an example of something such as a flower or bird)
  • Two of a Kind (or one, or three or multiple!)
  • Kindred spirits (kindness in action or photographs of people)
  • Take kindly to (something you like)

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