I have the Sunday vibes! So how about joining us for an explore, not of the Algarvian hills, but of something just as wonderful; our second gallery.

I thought I’d begin with some new squarers again, but this time I have mixed them up with six squarers who have been with me since squares began in September 2017!

Wasn’t that a great start to the second gallery. I hope that you are able to spare the time to visit at least one square in every room, and maybe some of you could join the ranks of the super squarers and visit every square in the gallery. Remember you don’t have to do it all in one sitting!

  • After all every square is a joy, every shape a perfect fit and you will feel so good by the end
  • There are important moments to remember and reflective bubbly moments to enjoy as we spend a day in the life of each other
  • No wonder we are dancing, and what about the fabulous anole, and goat tower. I think my Saturday afternoon zoom crew will love the latter!

Regular squarers I am sure have already poured themselves a large pot of coffee or tea, but if you haven’t got one beside you then take a moment now to go and pour yourself a glass or mug of something.

I am delighted nearly everyone has continued to remember to square. As we have been pondering these past few days squares are not always ideal but that’s what makes this challenge so unique! Now talking of non ideal squares, I know a couple of you wanted to see the original rectangle from my poll.

Thank you all for being such fabulous squarers. I know I say this every gallery but I really mean it as you are the ones that make squares so special. Thank you also to everyone who leaves a comment and visits a fellow squarers.

As always during a month of squares time seems to speed up, although there have been occasions this month when time has stood still. We are living in very strange times. I do hope everyone is okay, and that there are more good days than difficult ones. Sending hugs to you all, and also a few more square delights.

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    1. oh dear, everyone seems to be suddenly walking this year. Places in wales have been overrun with hikers 😦 but what a fabulous fellow you found despite all the activity πŸ˜€

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