Thirty floral squares last month

What an amazing month it was. So much has happened, my head is full of memories. Do hope you have enjoyed my ‘Square in September‘ journey.

Now I just need to work out what on earth I am going to do for October. Almost certainly a return to random posts methinks, but today as I recover from yesterday’s party I couldn’t resist looking back over September. I wonder what Jude‘s thirty might look like? And also how about yours Bushboy, Jo, Anna, MarRodaLisa, Kaz, LeAnn, Susan, Clare and everyone else who has taken part? I know you probably didn’t have 30 – think Jo might have more – love to see a collage of your collection too!

26 thoughts on “Thirty floral squares last month

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  3. Sorry got distracted reading your conversation with Jo! The flowers do look lovely en masse. Maybe I can knock up a birthday collage as a treat to myself! Will see how tired I am after tomorrow (off to Fowey with the Aussie family).

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  4. I enjoyed that daily commitment of finding a new flower image every 24 hours….!

    I’d like to make a collage of all my shots , but unluckily my tablet’s widgets are ” out of order “and I can just post my photos one at a time….

    Sending H&K!

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    • So glad you enjoyed the challenge .. .but oh no about the widgets. I’ll just have to go back and revisit your photos so I can imagine a collage 🙂


  5. Don’t they look pretty all together? 🙂 🙂 Happy October, Becky! The Algarve is racing towards me and I’m not feeling terribly prepared, though I’ve got a trip to Lisbon and Cascais booked. Not the transport though- still dithering bus or train cos we’ll leave the car for James. Excited though! 🙂

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