Pigeons in Wales

I have no idea what is happening to March. I can recall it beginning on a Sunday two weeks ago, but since then I completely lost control of it! Today I thought it about time I tried to regain control so I am spending the morning catching up on posts and emails, and may even find time to plan the days ahead.ย  If only my life at the moment was a chilled as these pigeons. I couldn’t make them square but they are another April hint.

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    1. ooh the three ‘f’s, like that thought and thinking about my next hint it would seem to suggest you might be right. There again I’ve probably got another cunning plan up my sleeve!

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  1. I think you are being very tricky, Miss Becky ๐Ÿ™‚ and I have lots of thoughts in my head, none of which (I’m sure) will be anywhere in the ballpark.

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      1. ooh you are not the first to request critters! Maybe I will in the summer . . . . . .

        all is well in my part of the world apart from people panic buying (toilet roll?!) and confusion as to how cautious we all should be. The epidemiological evidence suggests one approach, the government says another!


    1. Thank you Cee so much, just knowing you are there has helped.

      I am ok just juggling too much, which is why my blogging has tailed off. However I have spent the whole day today catching up and preparing posts, and am feeling much better about all the juggling. I had forgotten how important blogging has become to my well-being, thanks to the connecting with you and others. Next time I go off line I must remember to only do it for work stuff!

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      1. The relationships we get with people while blogging is absolutely amazing and wonderfully life fulfilling. I can understand when life gets hectic how we tend to let blogging go. Glad you are feeling better and more connected ๐Ÿ˜€

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    1. lol! I’d forgotten Elephant’s bottom, but you are right it does link . . goodness know what everyone is going to say when i do finally reveal the theme


      1. even cleverer . . . but I am afraid I’ve not been that inspiring, So you are going to be disappointed if you start preparing egg laying species!


      2. lol!! Oh wouldn’t that be great, but I suspect i might get some complaints if I chose this. There again . . . . . . .


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