After our chat the other day I thought you all might like proof that I do go out in the rain. I admit there have not been many walks when I have got caught in a torrential downpour but I frequently walk in drizzle and light showers. There are even the odd days when I deliberately go out in heavy rain. The waterproofs make all the difference; that’s a rain hat with wide brim, a brightly coloured (for visibility) raincoat that has the option for zipping in a fleece on those cold wet days, good walking boots and most importantly overtrousers.

Walking briskly in the rain

It may not be evident from my expression but walking in bad weather is good for me. So if you can why not join me walking in the rain, the snow or the wind before Squares ends next week. It’s a great way to rediscover your inner child, specially if you have full waterproofs on because then you can play in the puddles too, but don’t try puddle jumping backwards!

Within moments there was a downpour

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  1. Interesting article that you linked to. Different smells for sure but thst it is actually does stuff for us. Cool. As to walking backwards maybe I will try it on our tiny sidewalk but definitely not on a pasture trail or a gravel road. Bernie

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  2. I’m glad you mentioned the waterproofs, because in your photo the other day, putting one foot in front of the other, I was sure I spied waterproof pants. So sensible.

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    1. you did indeed πŸ˜€ and they really are. Had them on this morning, wasn’t that wet but meant I wasn’t worried about all the mud splashing up as I walked!


  3. Love that look of determination on your face Becky 😊 OH bought some waterproof trousers this week, much better than the soggy jeans. Though I’m not sure he will be going out today 🌧️

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    1. He’s a good man, but can understand the hesitation today. I managed to get out in the last bit of sunshine first thing, but suspect tomorrow I will be fully togged up


    1. it’s bizarre how us adults don’t have them to hand. Robert and I got ours for Portugal as we used to get caught in short but heavy downpours. They changed our walking days so much, and now I am using them here in England. Definitely should have a pair for the garden


      1. I will definitely think about it. The worst time for wet legs is on the field path after rain – pushing through all the soaked grass, or even after a heavy dew.


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