There was so much beauty out there in October and even now despite the recent heavy rains and winds there is still colour to be found. Robert would have loved this year’s autumnal colour. Although having said that if he was still by my side, we would probably have been in Portugal, and so he may have missed the full beauty of this season. I would have preferred that option though, to have missed the colours, than the harsh reality of experiencing another changing season without him. Life is hard, which is why I am so appreciative of those of you who have joined me this month with your walks, your likes and your comments. Your presence in #WalkingSquares helps.

Seasonal Red

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  1. Blue skies are so rare around here in November that I am just loving this photo. Reds and blue – what’s not to love although the reason you are seeing these colours. As you said it is a direction you would rather not be on but one step at a time to a path that is different than you would like. i am glad that #walkingsquares has been a measure of support and connection. Bernie

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  2. The birds have already taken many of the berries around here. The ones left include the flagon-shaped rose hips which reminded me of the childhood ‘game’ of putting them down people’s backs. They have fine hairs inside and are itchy. Perhaps that moves them down the pecking order for the birds.

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  3. Your photo, as your comment, shows how you can see the beauty in a stark contrast. You are an extraordinary person, on an unenviable journey, but you are not alone.

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