One of those walks where I could easily go into denial about my new life, and simply enjoy the view and feel a tiny bit of joy.

A Hampshire view

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  1. We are fortunate here in Western Canada – the largest portion of our power and telephone lines are all underground. I get why it distracts you. I have not the skill to edit it out so I try hard to crop my picture at the time to avoid them. For me it’s mostly towers. We have 5 around us and they make it hard to get a good winter sunset without them in it. Bernie

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  2. Oops. My comment is on the wrong blog! I followed the link to Anabel’s and somehow thought I left the comment there. Then I came here to comment and saw my comment. Feel free to delete the above one and this one


  3. A tiny bit must seem like a miracle. It’s a classically English scene. I was looking at the leaves and the cows and didn’t notice the wire until reading some of the comments. I leave them in too, if I can’t crop them out. Mind you, I have an intermittent line of pixels on the far edge of my TV screen, so I’m used to it. 🙂

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  4. There’s a little township 30 minutes from here, up on a hinterland, that looks just like that when the weather is right and there has been plenty of rain 🥰

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