The other side of the Sir Harold Hillier gardens

Please do bear with me if I am quiet some days in the second half of this month. As whilst I have scheduled thirty squares I cannot promise this month to be online daily nor will I be attending any teddy bear picnics. I am hoping though to be here regularly as I have missed you all, and I know you will be a great support and your November Squares and comments a welcome distraction.

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  1. Oh so love all the colours in this. As to posting or not posting, following up or not following up. We will still be here when it works. I feel it’s a good community and we support you in however it works for you to be around. Remember to take care of yourself. Bernie

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  2. You know, it’s funny you remember Teddy Bear’s Picnic. I was 8 when that song came out and to this day, I remember the entire song. I think I can still sing it with the same intonations the child who sang it had. How strange, the things we remember. I didn’t think ANYONE remember that song except me!

    I love the fallen leaves on the ground. They look bronze, like the oaks that surround our house. My teddy bear is singing for you 🎢

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    1. I suspect you must remember a later version as the music was first published in 1907 and the lyrics were written in 1932. You are far too young to have been 8 in 1932!!


      1. The recording I had (it was a 45 rpm and it was yellow) came out in 1954 or possibly 1955. I didn’t even know it was an older song, but then again, I was only 8 and there was no internet. I haven’t heard the song played in years. They play EVERY other Christmas song all the time, but you don’t hear that one, at least not over here.


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