I am getting to know these gardens well. The first couple of times I walked here with a friend, and then I decided I was feeling brave enough to visit on my own. That first time was tough, all I could think was that Robert wasn’t beside me. But I found a bench and just sat with my grief for a while. Once I was ready I continued to explore, keeping to the quieter paths. An hour or so later the world did feel a little bit lighter, and now everytime I visit here alone it feels mostly okay. I feel safe as explore the familiar paths as well as new ones. There is a lot of ground to cover, and it is evident from the number of solitary walkers I am not the only widowed person seeking sanctuary in the beauty of this arboretum.

Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

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  1. Perhaps some who walk alone where never lucky enough to have a soul mate. I know a few like that and so they are accustomed to doing things alone.
    Love the picture. Haven’t seen the sun in days so your lovely tree and sunshine and blue skies feels good. Bernie

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    1. That is very true, there is just something though about the sadness in their eyes which makes me think they might be remembering someone


  2. I am so glad you found someplace like this. For years I visited the Naples Botanical Garden every week during our winter stay. Now that Jim has discovered it we go a couple of times a week. If he dies before me it will be very difficult to visit alone again but I will remember your experience and be strengthened.

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  3. When I looked up these Gardens it occurred to me that there’s plenty of hectares or acres to be explored and as the seasons change, explored again. I’m sure Robert is always at your side.


  4. Those are very beautiful gardens, with autumn foliage too. I’ve been once, quite a few years ago after visiting Mottisfont to see the roses.


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