No matter where I end up, getting outdoors helps. Some days it is so hard to open that front door, but the walking apps weirdly help me get going, A kind of walking buddy, I guess. Audiobooks also assist. I am borrowing them from my local library via an app on my phone, and they stop me thinking too much on the walks. Thoughts easily spiral as I am still in the early days of grieving. An unexpected side effect of listening to the audiobooks is that sometimes I don’t think about where I am walking and my feet simply take me places.

West Hill Cemetery, Winchester

This cemetery was an unexpected third of the way point, and resulted in a 6 mile walk around Winchester as I then took a weird way home to avoid retracing my footsteps and too many people. The cemetery is now closed for burials, and is a favourite walking route for university students. It is also a site of natural and historic interest, find out more here.

Alternatively why not explore the comments below, chat to a fellow squarer and maybe find another square or two. They were so many lovely WalkingSquares yesterday, thank you to everyone who joined me on a walk or left a comment. Can’t wait to see what you share today.

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  1. I’m pretty sure that audiobooks saved my life at least twice by enabling me to escape my OWN brain and move into another world. When you can’t escape for real, a book wrapped around your brain is almost as good. I apparently missed yesterday’s squares, probably because I had move than 350 emails backed up and I couldn’t find anything. I’ll have to see if I can figure out what I’m missing though I’m inclined to drift off to bed. But I’ll look for squares first.

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    1. thanks Cee, and especially for the comment about photo. I am struggling a bit with using phone camera but am not ready yet to take out camera. So good to get some nice feedback 🙂


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