Debbie is asking us for action this morning, so I thought I’d share yesterday’s action in the outdoor market. It might not be what you expect!

Gulls are never usually a problem here as there are no herring gulls. However things are changing. Some of the lesser black backed gulls have been cross breeding and consequently some of them are developing herring like behaviours such as the noisy call. We can just about cope with a few of them being noisy, less keen though on yesterday’s action. We observed this cheeky young gull attacking humans for food, and I was the human who nearly lost her malasadas (Portuguese fried dough, rather like a doughnut)!

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  1. Mmmm, malasadas! Portuguese immigrants brought them to Hawaii years ago and they’re something of a favorite here now. Plus, we don’t have gulls, so no threat of being attacked like you were.

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    1. Yay that they have made it to Hawaii too 🙂 such a treat aren’t they.

      Lucky you on the gulls, although have to say it is highly unusual here as the various species of gulls we have in the Algarve don’t usually behave like this.

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      1. There’s a diner not that far from us that specializes in them! I don’t miss the gulls I have to say though there are birds here that can get quite aggressive.

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    1. We’ve never had a problem here before, most unusual behaviour for the species of gulls in the Algarve BUT how on earth have you never had malasadas. They’re an essential staple at every market and festival!!


      1. But you eat cake?!!

        You should really try at least once, it is a Portuguese speciality. Maybe one of the smaller ones, perhaps filled with chocolate 😉


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