Thought I’d share something a little bit different today; our evening visitor! He/she seems to have a love for sunflower hearts and cat biscuits.

By the way a few of you are being absolutely fabulous and linking your Monday Portraits back to me. That’s really lovely of you all and I am very touched. However whilst I initiated Monday Portraits earlier this year I wasn’t really expecting you all to link to me. For me Monday Portraits is rather like Wordless Wednesdays; a way to keep my blog ‘alive’ rather than a hosted challenge. So do keep creating your wonderful portraits but there’s absolutely no obligation to link back to me.

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    1. Thanks Cee. He/she loves Septimus’s cat biscuits so I’m hoping it will feed up sufficiently to survive the winter. They hibernate.


    1. They are a rare sight now. 20 years ago it was the norm seeing them in gardens, these days it’s a major event. I was so excited when this one began turning up in May/June.

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  1. Love hedgehogs. If he ever brings a lady friend you will know about it. Hedgehogs are not subtle! πŸ™‚
    I love the idea of a portrait day. It won’t be Monday most of the time for me, though. But today, I did it.

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