It was rather misty as we took off but for a few moments we could see the city below us. I didn’t manage to capture any details on my phone, so probably impossible for anyone to recognise where we had just left. However you do get a sense of the plane’s movement and can clearly see how cities light up our world. Not always a good thing, but still a rather fun photograph to share.

By the way I’m away for a few days now, so apologies in advance for any tardy responses to both comments and squares.

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  1. I hooked up to the wrong post. How pathetic is that? Anyway, I made up for it with two for tomorrow, one by me, the other by Garry. I’ve got a lot of unprocessed pictures sitting in folders because I spent ALL of last week rebuilding my computer. It’s done. It’s optimized. It’s backed up. And, for the first time, I realized if I wanted to redo that pictures, I’d have to go and pull it off the backup drive. I used a different picture — and THAT is why I had everything on the computer’s drive. I’m too lazy to go hunting for a photo. That really IS pathetic.

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    1. It is easy to do at the moment with me away, so blame me!!!

      and wow – what an achievement. You are amazing at sorting, but totally understand the challenges of having pictures on back ups.


  2. I think this is a fantastic shot. I love airplane shots as you know but we almost never take off at night unless there is a delay which has happened. You captured the movement and bright lights below very well, especially since the cabin lights were still on. πŸ™‚

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    1. thank you so very much πŸ™‚ was so frustrated at time that I couldn’t quite capture it but afterwards decided perhaps I had done quite well!!

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    1. Not as far behind as I am! Hope you have had a lovely time with K and your other guests. I am enjoying my few days away but very odd to be so behind on comments and pingbacks. I should be back to real time catch ups tomorrow evening

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      1. I know, just trying to find that second last photo for squares so I can schedule as I won’t have time as I will be expected to be a host. K will be here as well so she will make sure I am not on the computer 😦

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