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  1. Have I caught up with you yet? I’m always a day or two behind. Today I remembered how come I once had hundreds of plants in my house. It looked like a jungle. it was when my husband — who everyone knows has never shown the remotest interest in gardening or any outdoor work — got a magnificent array of both cut and living plants from his brothers in Minnesota. I think there’s a rumor that someone in the family will take care of the plants. i remember when I had a couple of plants. I had to move some of the plants to the north window in the dining room because I ran out of room on the table by the French doors.

    This is how it happens. Two plants at a time until you’ve used up every window that gets enough light to grow anything and you realize that half your free time is now spent watering or repotting or fertilizing. It just takes over.

    I used to have a big button box. It had every extra button i’d ever gotten with any outfit I’d bought as well as the ones from outfits I’d gotten rid of, but from which i’d removed the buttons because they were special. I gave it away a few years ago. I don’t sew. I’m a very, very bad sewer and I really have enough stuff in this house! So the button box moved to someone who actually sews and will find some actual use for those buttons.

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    1. Sounds like my house at the moment – I have seedlings everywhere waiting to go in the garden and greenhouse. Well some are seedlings, some are now large plants!!


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