Statues and memorials can never tell the whole story, and how we perceive them will be affected by their location, why they’ve been commissioned, our understanding of history, our values, our culture, our preconceived notions and our past experiences.

For me the predominant perception when I look at this sculpture is the memory of why and when Mum and I saw The Wave. I do enjoy the beauty of it, and I also pause for thought of the horror of going over the top during World War One and the thousands who died, but mostly I remember the day itself. Remembrance is different for everyone, there is no single perspective.

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    1. Ours was by luck – happened to be on twitter a few days before Mum visited and spotted it was at Fort Nelson. Not been for twitter I would have missed it too!


  1. Love the poppy sculpture, wonderful post Becky. The irony of the date is that in Northern Ireland the 12th of July (known simply as The Twelfth) is a big thing. In the past there was times of troubles in our country and many many deaths. Anyway, if you want to know more … please pop into Wikipedia and look up THe Twelfth.

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