I had another post planned for today but I suddenly realised yesterday that if I shared Sir Edward Landeer’s ‘The Monarch of the Glen’ then Wales wouldn’t appear in this month’s #SquareTops.

On top of a Welsh ridge

Actually that’s not the only reason I changed my mind about the painting. I was looking at it again and realised it might encourage some of you (I won’t name anyone!!) to continue with your rectangles. You see Edward missed being square by millimetres. Monarch of the GlenWell actually in his case he missed it by two inches (five centimetres for those who prefer metric)!

Not the only thing to challenge Edward on. He also misnamed the stag as he’s only got twelve points on his antlers so that makes him a mere Royal. A stag needs sixteen to be a Monarch. Still it’s a fabulous painting and the stag doesn’t look like he cares. In fact the stag looks like he is feeling and standing on top of the world.

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      1. Absolutely. Unfortunately we’ve cancelled our plans for this year (thank goodness I hadn’t booked anything) but here’s hoping we can make it next year 😊

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      2. Fingers crossed some sort of normality does return, although with the hash the UK and USA have been making of it all got this horrid feeling it might be a long while for some of us

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      3. Yeah. Same hear. I think we’ve been very lucky but we are isolated and isolating and not experienced the devastation that has been experienced over there. Our thoughts and best wishes are with everyone.

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    1. Nothing wrong with a lie in, I am envious of you in fact. I haven’t got past 7am for weeks.

      and it is amazing what you learn when preparing posts . . the problem is I never seem to remember half of what I discover!


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