Telegraph Daylight Square
Sala do Telegrapho, Palácio da Bolsa

Did you get the telegram? Today is the day for our first Squares gallery. So pull down the blind and get ready for a show! You may also want to make yourself a cuppa, or pour a glass of wine, before you begin to explore, there are 60 entries.

My hope is that everyone will visit at least five fellow squarers in the gallery as there have been some very creative hyphens, compound nouns and words ending in light.

Thought this might be a good moment to take a pause so that you can top up your cup or glass of whatever you are enjoying as you browse through the collection. Full LengthThis pause also gives me a chance to sneak in a the full length blind!

I wonder what caught your eye in our first week, do leave a comment below mentioning some of your favourite delights or see if you can spot whether I have included them in today’s gallery.

A huge thank you to you all for being such creative participants, I am really looking forward to our next week of joy and fabulous photography.

Squares LogoNow, before I dash off to get ready for lunch with Sue and Debbie, a quick reminder. The tag is #JanuaryLight, and the theme is words ending in light. I recommend using pingbacks, links in comments and the tag at the moment as the WordPress gremlins are out and about again. The only rule though is your photo must be square.

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    1. Don’t worry about being late, I was off line yesterday so only catching up this morning. and likewise about being away for a few days . . we will be here when you return xx


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