Swallow on a wire

Unusually for me I am going to share a second square. Not as blue but when you see it I am sure you will understand why. I simply had to share this swallow in Somerset too as it is showing off its tail streamers. And they are not the only things on show today, as today is my first #JulySquares gallery. 

Somerset Swallow

As always I highly recommend you grab a glass or cup of something before you start as whilst you are about to be blown away by some incredible squares it will take you around 20minutes to visit all and probably a while longer to fully enjoy

When we last had a colour theme the posts were full of flora, unsurprisingly though this month in blue there have been fewer flowers.

Now how are you getting on? That last room in the gallery had quite a bit in it. Is it time for that second cup or glass of something, or maybe you need to stop and go and make the first! I really hope you will keep exploring the gallery with me or at least visit one square from every room.

It is hard to believe we are only on day two of the second week given the number of blue squares we have seen, at the same time though I am somewhat shocked to note we are nearly half way through the month! Where does the time go? Thank goodness today we can take a pause to look round this wonderful gallery.

A round of applause to every one who has joined us so far this month, and an even bigger round of applause to those of you still exploring the gallery. You are amazing!

Do encourage one of your blogging friends to join us, there are nearly 50 of us at the moment, Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could reach 75! Don’t forget to tell them to use the tag #JulySquares as it is the best way I can find everyone if the WP gremlins are playing around with pingbacks. Most importantly though their photo must be square if they are to be part of the gang and included in the next gallery.

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    1. oh I am so glad you had a chance too to look through the gallery . . it is so easy to miss contributions so love it when everyone has a chance to catch up with everyone else 🙂

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