If you are feeling somewhat bereft by the Daily Post news and the loss of weekly photo challenges and daily prompts then I may have a little something to help as tomorrow the daily square challenge begins.Roof of an acqueduct

And it keeps going until Saturday 30th June, by which time (hopefully) we will all have adjusted to a life without the Daily Post. Many of you know all there is to know about the daily square challenge which appears once a quarter, but just in case this is your first time here are the rules.

There is only one rule that cannot be broken and that is your main photograph must be a square. Every quarter the theme changes, and for June 2018 our theme is roofs and rooves! Your roof can be;

  • any type, any condition, any size, and in any location.
  • it could be a shot across rooftops, of one roof or even a macro
  • you might prefer to spend some time under the eaves and in the attic, or like me in all my previews enjoying the view from above

I will post daily using the tag #RoofSquares, but feel free to post alternate days, once a week (as a replacement to weekly photo challenge) or as and when the roof strikes you. Do try and link back to my daily posts, as that way everyone else can find you and visit you the same day. However if you prefer to link back to a preview then that’s ok as I will be producing a square collation at least once. Garden roof in Lisboa

And don’t worry if you are somewhere where there are few roofs (rooves) as it is absolutely fine to delve into your archives. It is what I do, and in fact when I was preparing for this month’s challenge I realised I had quite a few photographs of the rooftops in Lisbon, which is why I am bombarding you with them now rather than in June!

My photographs in this post are of a rather amazing 18th century piece of engineering in Lisbon, and I rather like the fact it is surrounded by 19th, 20th and 21st century rooves or should I say roofs?!  If you want to know more about the aqueduct do visit my Portuguese post, otherwise #HappyJuneSquares everyone.

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