Well I did warn you when we began this #SquareSky journey that there would be a lot of sunsets! This one is not quite as dramatic as yesterday’s but I think it is just as beautiful.18th December

As many of you know the last four days I have been rushing about, and in fact am still rushing today so apologies for the delays in responding to all of your lovely posts and comments. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to catch up. In the meantime I thought I would take a moment just to sit, as this photo is making me quite reflective. Sitting here I find myself remembering my lovely Dad, remembering walks with him before the dementia had taken a hold, remembering other family and friends whom we have lost this year, remembering those who have fallen for their country and then remembering good times such as when we discovered the Donkey stoneΒ in Alcoutim. Thank you all.

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  1. A tranquil shot and a good one to look at and take time out to reflect on life. These look like the high altitude cirrus clouds (horse-tails) or cirrostratus where the wind blows the clouds into wispy streaks. I have another almost sunset for you today, after yesterday’s blue sky πŸ™‚

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