You say Potato, I say potato

So busy yesterday with my wonderful godson and his family that I did not have a chance to complete Monday’s Blogging101 task.  Wasn’t worried as I have all of today to catch up.  So there I was sitting down at my computer ready to personalise a post but the daily prompts were unusually not inspiring me. No worries I thought I’ll go search for a Tuesday blog challenge. Thought I had found one when I came across ‘Tuesday Treasured Tidbits’ but unfortunately that seems to have been offline for a few weeks.  Was about to go looking for another Tuesday challenge when I go sidetracked by the word ‘tidbit’.  It had me puzzled as I was sure it should be ‘titbit.

I was right!!  It is ‘titbit’ in England but ‘tidbit’ in north America.  Means exactly the same both sides of the pond – a morsel of delicious food or a fascinating bit of information. Some say ‘tidbit’ was the original and it was the Brits who over the years have changed it to ‘titbits’ others say it has always been ‘titbit’ and that ‘tidbit’ is the newer variation originating in the late 19th century. Continue reading