Square in September

This year Heritage Open Days is taking place over two long weekends, and today is day one of the first national weekend. Here in Winchester however the doors are only opening for one weekend, and that’s next week! So I’m off out for the day and evening as it’s MrBs Bday, however I thought I’d mention Heritage Open Days today so if you are somewhere in England this weekend or next you could go pink too. Not only are these heritage weekends great fun and interesting, they are all FREE! Find out more here.

And if there is no Heritage Open Days near you this September take a peek at Debbie’s fabulous list of things to do this month and next around the world.

Another Wintonian roof, another festival venue

I regularly walk past St Bartholomew and it is in our HODs festival programme again this year, but I rarely see this side. The usual view is of the front. If you fancy having a peek at the front here’s an earlier post, and if you want to see inside why not visit in September when the HODs festival is on!

St Bartholomew's

St Bartholomew was the lay people’s church of Hyde Abbey, and for years it was believed that it was here the remains of Alfred the Great were moved following the dissolution of Hyde Abbey. However no trace of them have been found; it is more likely they remain strewn somewhere in Hyde or possibly in a box in the museum!

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