‘Time is relative’

I was going to start with some physics today, but the more I read on Einstein’s theory of relativity the more I realised I didn’t understand! I thought I’d keep the title though; it is a great reminder that it is entirely up to you how you interpret this month’s theme for the square photography challenge. Following on from yesterday’s post my interpretation today is ‘time zone’, and some of you may be surprised to learn that there were once different zones in Britain. The zones were not significantly different but there was a variation, and you didn’t have to go far from Greenwich for the time to change.

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One hundred and forty years ago (ish) Winchester in Hampshire was 5minutes and 16seconds behind London. I added the ish as whilst most towns with railways in Britain had in fact adopted ‘London time’ in the mid 19th century, Winchester may have been one of the few to resist the railways ‘London time’. The Guildhall where this recording of the time difference can be found was completed in the early 1870s suggesting that the council didn’t want to adopt London time, however it wasn’t long before they had to change. In 1880 standard time was legally adopted across the country. I wonder what the Council thought! And I am wondering even more what you are going to do with #timesquare this month. Here’s a reminder of the rules.

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