I’m hoping you will like this one

Last month as we were waiting for my brother so we could all climb a rather special hill together, my sister and Mum pointed out this fabulous house. I wasn’t too sure at the time when and how I would use the shot, but then inspiration struck. Yes it is wonky but isn’t it fabulous?! There are even roof tiles underneath the roof.

A roof for wildlife

Now I hope you have poured yourself a large cup, mug or glass of something as it is time for another #RoofSquares curation. I think there are 33 to visit today.

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I’ve lost count of the squares!

As you might expect for a square challenge and for someone who spends a lot of time in Portugal there are going to be lots of tiles this month. These though are not azujeos as they are English. I spotted them last year in Ironbridge.

Coalport Tiles

The picture isn’t perfect I know but I had to include it as these tiles reflect both of the challenge themes – ‘Squared Square’ and ‘Squaring the Circle’. There are multiple squares, squares within squares, and even a circle within a square. Almost as good as what Tish shared yesterday!

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