Oh my it’s been over a month!

Hi everyone I am so sorry I have not been in touch for a month, I am not sure where the time has gone. I was really unwell at the beginning of the month, just a cold like bug, but it wiped me out for days. And ever since then I have been playing catch up with life, family and work. And of course as many of you know I have also in this time returned to England from Portugal.

There have been some positives in May such as seeing my amazing Mum, catching up with friends and observing the wonderful fledglings on the tree at the end of our neighbours garden. Took us a few moments to recognise what they are. Do you know?A May fledgling

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5 things you may not know about today

  1. This week 44 years ago the penultimate landing on the moon occurred – Apollo 16. One of the astronauts was Thomas Mattingly, you may remember he was the one they thought had contracted measles and so didn’t join the crew of Apollo 13.
  2. 13076564_260982247579835_2535710522096643922_nIt is Earth Day today. Are you doing anything special? If you are in one of favourite towns – Olhão – then why not help clear some of the plastic that is collecting on the sea shore.
  3. In 1994 the largest lollipop was made in Denmark. It weighed over 3lbs! Now I thought that was amazing, but decided I better check to see if their record still stood. It hasn’t. Eight years later a Californian factory made one bigger, not on the 22nd April though. Despite being made at a different time of year I thought you might want to learn a little bit more about the Californian one as it was a lot bigger at over 7tonnes! The lollipop was 4 feet 8.75 inches in length, 3 feet 6 inches in width, and 5 feet 11 inches in height. The lollipop also included a stick which was 11 feet 10 inches tall. Wonder what they did with it afterwards?!
  4. abba-2016Exciting news is that today you can nominate your favourite blogs for ‘real’ awards. I love all of the online award challenges but ‘real life’ ones I think are even more special. Do you have a favourite blog? Then do nominate them – you have until 10th May but why not nominate today by clicking here.
  5. DSC00072Finally a few Birthdays . . . . today it is Jack Nicholson’s Birthday and also Louis Smith, it was also Lenin’s Birthday. Most importantly however it also happens to be mine! Have a wonderful day wherever you are, and if it also happens to be your Birthday then a Happy Birthday to you too. I love Birthdays!


Colour your World – Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown

Feeling incredibly grumpy today because of a hideous experience with the mobile telephone provider MyEE. After achieving absolutely nothing after an hour online chatting to them, and feeling particularly disgruntled by their lack of empathy I decided a walk and late lunch was the only solution. Definitely helped but still needed an extra something to distract my thoughts – I really did find MyEE horrendous this morning – and wasn’t sure what else to do until I recalled Jennifer’s lovely Colour Challenge.

Today the challenge is Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown, just the name was enough to make me smile! Not sure my picture is quite Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown enough and I admit most descriptions describe the Swallow face as red or blood red. To me though the Swallow’s face appears a pinkish-brown which I believe Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown is meant to be.


Barn Swallow with a splash of Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown