September: Flower Portrait

This month ‘Hey Jude‘ is asking us to showcase a ‘flower that you are particularly fond of or one that is unusual’. Crikey I thought . . . . . where do I start! As you may have already gathered from my other blog I am turning into a flora fiend! After much flower pondering I realised I was never going to be able to showcase just one, but I am going to try and restrict myself to four. I thought one favourite or unusual for every Sunday.

Water Lily

Water Lily at Phipps, Pittsburgh

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When do steps become stairs? And are ladders stairs?

Today Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is Stairs, Steps and Ladders and so I was very proud of myself when I found a picture which had all three!Three in one - a step, stairs and a ladder

Cee has got me thinking though. When do steps become stairs? Well off I went to the usual sources we all step to at a time of research – a dictionary, wikipedia and the wider internet. Unsurprisingly I am not the only one to have asked this question however I was surprised to find no definitive view!  So I thought I’d ask you. Which of the following would you describe as stairs and which are just steps?  Continue reading