Farewell Dad

Today I’m having a rare break from work as Mum and I are off to climb what was one of Dad’s favourite hills. Not just Mum and I on this adventure. We are going to be joined by MrB, my sister, brother, sister-in-law, eldest nephew and Dad! Yup today’s the day Dad’s ashes are scattered.

I think Dad will be rather delighted with what we are doing as he loved walking. And the hill we’ve chosen – Melbury Hill – is rather special as it is behind the house where they first retired 25years ago. He loved walking here and we all have so many memories of great walks with him on this hill and others. Here are a few of mine, including one of us on the top of Melbury Hill 20+ years ago.

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The Novice Cup

In the early 1980s following the deaths of my amazing grandparents – Rob and Iris Robinson  – a cup was created in their memory for Whetstone Stray Allotments. My grandparents were very active members of the allotments in Barnet, and my grandfather particularly liked helping those new to the allotments. The cup created was The Novice Cup to encourage newcomers.


The cup was first presented at the Annual Show in 1984 – I can recall accompanying my parents to the show for the presentation.

Last week we came across the above photograph of the cup and we wondered if the allotments were still active and if so if the cup was still being used. Well after a bit of searching on the Internet we were delighted to learn the allotments were still very popular. So onto our next question was the cup still being presented at the Annual Show.

One email and one day later the best answer possible came back – Yes! There is a current holder of the cup and it is awarded annually.

My grandparents would be so chuffed.

Whetstone Stray Allotments celebrate their 70th anniversary show in September – we may just have to attend.