Lost count of the Lisbon roofs

You may recall my warning in one of the previews that there would be quite a few photographs of Lisbon. I was enthralled when we climbed up to the roof above a reservoir, and the camera and I got slightly carried away!

Cars on a Roof

So when I came to prepare my album for this month’s challenge I just couldn’t decide which I liked most so in the end I decided to use most of them. If you look carefully you might find the reflection that so many of you fell in love with last Saturday.

Are you ready?

June is almost upon us which means it is nearly time for the next daily square challenge. You probably saw Saturday’s post, but just in case you missed it the theme for June Squares is roofs, and the tag is #RoofSquares.

Roof tops in Lisbon

It is entirely up to you how you interpret the theme, and even how often you post. There is really only one rule that cannot be broken in the daily square challenge your main photograph must be a square. Hope to see you Friday with a roof or two.