February’s past meets present

I have had a few problems in tracking down a ‘past’ shot for this month’s past meets present but finally I found one on a Tweedland, and here it is.Kitchen at Kew

I guess it isn’t surprising I have struggled to find one since the Royal Kitchens at Kew were abandoned for nearly 200 hundred years following the death of Queen Charlotte in 1818. They reopened in 2012 following a major conservation project, and amazingly it looks just the same. Well apart from the fact the harassed chef is not here to berate the servant for failing to take the roast partridges to the King’s table.21st (13)

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Glass, iron and steel at Kew

This week I have been attempting to manage my albums but as always when I delve into my photographic archives I am sidetracked by memories, and distracted with ideas for posts. I managed yesterday to limit myself to just a couple of photographs and six words, but today I’m finding that impossible as I have opened the Kew album and discovered all of the ones that didn’t make into #SquareinSeptember.Surrounded by glass and steel

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