Hairy Blue

A few weeks ago I finally visited Castle Cary’s tiny museum. However what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in content. I’m hoping they might run an event for Heritage Open Days as this part of Somerset is bereft of events and this is a complete treasure trove of rural life and local history.

Even if they don’t have a chance to take part this year I will share a proper post on it one day soon. For now though as we are in the middle of squares here’s just one of the many blue things I spied.

Horse hair

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Dragons, Rags and Shiny Things

A year ago today we were celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary but there was no sign of tin anywhere! Instead we enjoyed a rather unusual walk through the city of Birmingham. We began in the Bullring Rag Market. There’s been a market here since the Middle ages, today’s building though is only 17years old. There are 350 traders here, selling everything from curtains to leather jackets to wedding hats.

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‘Gentleman come try your skill’

Actually the quote doesn’t relate to the Martin brothers pictured in my header photograph, but to something called a puzzle jug. Puzzle jugs were an 18th century drinking game, where the drinker was encouraged by the inscription on the side of a jug to drink from it without spilling any of the contents. Sounds relatively easy until you see the jug! Note the position of the numerous spouts.

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Exploring Ironbridge Gorge, a World Heritage Site

We were visiting Ironbridge with friends and as they were the ones organising the trip we hadn’t given too much thought to exactly what we were going to do. We had assumed our day would be organised once all of us had arrived and had had a coffee or two. I did though the time to work out the best place to park – the long stay car-park south of the town! Not only is this a convenient place to leave the car in Ironbridge but you will find here an excellent assortment of information leaflets plus you immediately get to walk across the star attraction – The Iron Bridge.

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