Visiting one of the 57, no not Heinz!

Since returning from Portugal a weekly walk has been one of our goals. Well last week we couldn’t see how we could fit one in, until a moment of inspiration struck us.


in the Cathedral nave

We would divert to Old Sarum and squeeze in a quick stroll before continuing our drive down to my parents in Somerset.

Old Sarum was the original ‘Salisbury’ settlement, and there is evidence of settlement on the hill dating back to 3000BC. It was here the Roman town of Sorviodunum once stood, and where in 1086 the powerful English lords swore their allegiance to William the Conqueror. There was once a grand cathedral before it was demolished in the 13th century. A new cathedral was built in New Sarum (Salisbury) 3 miles away and as that cathedral grew so did the community around it. By the 14th century Old Sarum was virtually abandoned and in the 15th century the castle sold. They did however retain parliamentary representation until the 19th century. Old Sarum with its 3 houses, 7 voters and 2 MPs was one of the more infamous rotten boroughs!

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