Uncertain Times

Just over a week has passed since the decision and I still feel in shock, probably because of the amount of turmoil that has followed and still surrounds us all. Heard many calling it interesting times, not sure I feel secure enough yet to use that description. We are I feel in uncertain times, so think I’ll escape for a while into photo challenge. And as life feels a bit random and I need something whimsical to make me smile I thought Cee’s OddBall Challenge was perfect for me today.teddy bear Continue reading

Weekly Small Pleasures

I’ve realised since I got back that I have got out of the habit of posting here. We’ve been busy but not that busy! Anyhow I thought I’d catch up today with another weekly small pleasures. DSCN0700I forgot though to take any photographs so before I share some of my smiles from this week, here’s a photo of me and my mum from the week before. We were both feeling happy after putting together her new garden table and had to sit out despite the cold! Hope you have smiled a few times this week, hasn’t the weather been great. Continue reading

Living well with Dementia

It is not easiest thing to do.  mum and dadIt is however something worth striving for if you are living with dementia, caring for someone with dementia or supporting a carer. Most days I find the words ‘ living well’ a helpful reminder to think beyond the disease. My dad has Alzheimer’s Disease and ‘living well’ reminds me to focus on doing what I can to support him and my mum to get the best out of their days.  Some days though it is just so hard, and there are moments when I just want to throw something at anyone saying or sharing those words.
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