Our penultimate Sunday, and a very pink nose!

Pink Nose

This cute cow is one of many that Mum, Dad and I would have passed on their lovely circular walk from their Somerset home. Mum has never been that keen on walking through a field of cows, and neither was Dad in his latter years living with dementia. So it was usually me who created a fence between them. Just look at this pink nose. I am sure she would have moo”d a very Happy Birthday to you Dad! We miss you.

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Today might be difficult, or maybe not

A year ago today my Dad died, it was a blessing in some ways as he was living with end stage dementia. Not sure what Mum and I will be up to today, but we will certainly be remembering him as he was an amazing husband and dad.

Gold Hill, Shaftesbury

These are rooftops that he much loved. They are on Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, a walk we did regularly. The main reason though for sharing this shot today is that you can see the house where Mum and Dad lived when we walked this hill. Just squint and to the right of the tallest chimney, on the brow of the middle hill to the left of some trees there’s a red brick house. That’s the one!