Square in September

A very subtle pink today, but one that is glorious and well worth visiting the Algarve for in February. It is almond blossom, and it covers the hills for about a month. Not only does it look fabulous but it smells incredible.

Almond Blossom

Not always a sunny day

A day or two ago I suddenly noticed that all of my roof shots had blue skies, and I thought to myself that is not a true reflection of my life! There are many days when I am peering at roofs through cloud and rain, even when in the Algarve.

Roof of a bread oven

Earlier this year the forecast promised less than 5mm of rain over the whole day, so we decided to risk the grey and head out for a walk. On arriving in Foz de Odeleite the heavens opened, so we never got our walk in. However the friend who had joined us encouraged us to at least explore the abandoned house and its bread oven before we returned to her village for lunch. And I am so glad she did as it has meant today I have a rather unusual roof to share today.

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