I need to find head space

I have no idea where the time has gone since we returned from Portugal. Life has been impossibly busy. This busy life is mostly great fun and there have been lots of smiles over the past few weeks, but I do desperately need some head space. Fingers crossed my life balance will return in the next few weeks and I can spend some time simply looking out over rooftops and finding the shoes for the wedding!

View of Winchester High Street from St Giles

View of Winchester High Street from St Giles Hill

Yup that is a square photo and so this is an obscure hint for June’s daily square challenge. As always in this daily challenge there is one rule that cannot be broken your main photograph must be a square. But after that it is up to you how you interpret the theme, and even how often you post. After all this is an adventure not a competition with rules. Daily posts would be fabulous though. Now don’t panic I am not going to leave it here with such an obscure hint on the theme. Drum roll please! Continue reading