Being Creative with Textures

Textured Cake Topping

I originally meant to add this to Jude’s second textures assignment but was distracted by a building in East London and then I completely forgot about it! Fortunately though there are five Sundays this month and so I can include submit it for Jude’s 5th assignment. I think this goes nicely with her lovely lichen and thanks to my header I can also include it in Cee’s more than one photo. Best of all though my Portuguese cake makes a topping inspiration for next month’s squares.

Patterns on a Thursday

This month, as part of her 2020 photographic technique and topics challenge, Jude is encouraging us to to be creative with patterns. So far however the weather has had other plans for me every day I have had free to go out with the camera.

Peacock Square

But rather than fail this week’s assignment of looking at patterns from a different perspective I thought I’d delve into my archives. Fortunately Jude gave permission as look what I found!

Ok I admit I didn’t look up or down, or shoot from a distance for this one Jude. However it certainly it not the usual perspective, and it is a great example of contrasting patterns that complement. Have you worked out what it is yet?

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