Time travel in Wales

You may recall last month I mentioned a walk in Wales, well finally today I am going to share it. Well almost. Hope you don’t mind but there’s a short delay before we can commence the walk, for balloons, trains, and a quick nip into town.

It was a beautiful morning in September, and we were full of Autumn joys after the wedding. So no wonder we decided to head out along the canal towards Llantysilio and its medieval abbey. Continue reading

Can I convince you?

Last weekend this blog sprung back into life, and as many of you will have noticed, mostly with vultures. The main reason was they were photographs I had to hand, but I’ve realised that part of me was also trying to convince you to love vultures as much as I do! It is not just because they are amazing birds with great personalities. I need you to love them so you might consider helping them. Vultures are now the most threatened group of birds in the world, with over 70% endangered.

Hooded Vulture

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